Sizing and Measuring Chart

foot measure

How to Measure Your Shoe Size at Home

You only need to take two measurements when determining your shoe size:  foot length and foot width.  To do this, you’ll need a flat ruler, a piece of paper and a wall.  We recommend measuring both feet since one may be larger than the other; if there is a notable difference, buy the larger size.  Please note – we do not offer wide width sizes.

How to Measure Foot Length

Let’s start by measuring your foot length (in inches).

Step 1:  Get a piece of paper and place it against the wall.  Place your foot on top of the paper with your heel against the wall. Your heel should rest gently without pressing into the wall too much.

Step 2: With a ruler measure the distance from the wall/your heel to the tip of your longest toe (for most people, this is either the big toe or the second toe). If your feet are bigger than a standard 12-inch ruler, switch to a measuring tape that can be pulled taut.

Step 3:  Write the number down.

Foot Length In Inches US EU
8.5" 5 35-36
8.75" 5.5 36
8.88" 6 36-37
9.06" 6.5 37
9.25" 7 37-38
9.38" 7.5 38
9.5" 8 38-39
9.69" 8.5 39
9.88" 9 39-40
10" 9.5 40
10.19" 10 40-41
10.5" 11 41
10.9" 12 42-43
11.25" 13 43-44